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Our company I.S.P. ltd. is active in all aspects of squash, the design and building of squash courts , the maintenance of squash courts, squash center management, squash coaching, squash tournaments etc. Lately we have added Padel to our product line due to the fast growth of the game.

Squash Courts

T Point

The first smart outdoor squash courts.


ASB GlassFloor is a revolutionaryfloor which combines a sports glass floor with LED lighting underneath to allow multiple line markings to be lit at the touch of a button for all common indoor sports such as badminton, basketball, apparatus gymnastics, indoor soccer, indoor hockey, handball or volleyball. There are no more confusing line marking on courts and the floor shows only the relevant lines for the select sport. 
The ASB GlassFloor is well known in the squash scene and is incorporated in the TPoint court